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Calendar of Sessions

Tuesday 8/2/2022
Braille & Tactile Graphic Boot Camp - August 2022
TSBVI, Barraga
Braille Boot Camp is four days of hands-on, experiential learning focused on the skills you need to...

Monday 8/8/2022
TSBVI Coffee Hour: Untangling the Web of Online Resources
There are so many resources available online, where do we even start? In this first Coffee Hour ses...

Monday 8/15/2022
TSBVI Coffee Hour: ECC In the Home and Community through Teaming
We do not grow in isolation and neither do our student's skills. Nor do any of us have the time to ...

Monday 8/22/2022
TSBVI Coffee Hour: The Value of Family Engagement: The Transformation to an Equitable Approach for Service Delivery
The mission of the national deaf-blind network is to assist families, educators, agencies, and orga...

Monday 8/29/2022
TSBVI Coffee Hour: Tactile Language Development in Students who are Congenitally Deafblind
This session will begin to discuss the information shared in the Nordic Welfare Centre's book "If y...

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