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Annual Events Series: Studies in Deafblindness for the Advanced Practitioner

The Biology of Connection: How Relationship-led Teaching Changes Brains, Bodies & Behaviour

As part of the annual Advanced Practitioners in DeafBlindness Series, this workshop will help participants understand how early experiences go on to shape a child's biology and his/her ability to self-regulate. There will also be a discussion on ways to refine the relational quality of the participants interactions with children who are DeafBlind.

Presented by: Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk
Developmental Psychologist
Founder of the organization: Connected Baby
Dundee, Scotland

Registration Fee:
• Early Registration - $50.00 (Thru November 26)
• Late Registration - $75.00 (Thru December 5)
• Late Cancellation Fee - $25.00 (After December 5)

For more information, please visit our Studies in DeafBlindness for the Advanced Practitioner Home Page.

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