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CVI Study Group - April 2021
Participants will share documents and videos regarding their own students via Google Drive. Participants will discuss newly submitted materials and offer suggestions to share with the community of professionals and parents who would like the opportunity to learn together. Participants will explore suggestions with their student and share how the student responds with the group. Participants will explore topics and resources of interest related to CVI as identified by the group.

These webinars will not be recorded. Additional CVI Study Groups are scheduled for October 12th, December 2020, and February 15th.

Learning Objectives:
• Become more familiar with CVI Characteristics.
• Increase knowledge of CVI Range Assessment.
• Work with peers to brainstorm CVI interventions for their students.
• Share information about new research and best practices.

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Live Webinar April 12, 2021
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Apr 12 2021
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