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  1. Introduction to the QPVI Process

    This training is by invite only.

    A. What defines a quality program?
    B. Systems currently used for promoting quality in local programming
    a. personnel prep
    b. legal mandates for administrative oversight
    c. inservice, PD
    C. What methods work for creating system change at the local level?
    D. How can QPVI meet your needs?
    a. History and evolution of QPVI (briefly!)
    b. What kinds of changes can come from QPVI?
    c. District buy in and participation
    d. Facilitating QPVI - procedural tips and strategies
    e. Resources
    E. Key Components
    Key Component 1: Master List
    Key Component 2: Eligibility + itinerancy, consultation skills
    Key Component 3: ECC + IEP development skills
    Key Component 4: Roles and Responsibilities + direct instruction
    Key Component 5: Type and Amount of Services + progress monitoring
    Key Component 6: Staffing and caseloads
    F. Finishing up - annual and final reporting

    Post-Training Action Planning:
    After this training, you may want to just ponder for a while! If you decide to establish a site(s) for QPVI in your region, we will be happy to set up conversations to help you get started, to work out logistics and help you plan, including what level of support you may want from TSBVI. Please keep in mind that conducting the QPVI program is a complex and sometimes intense process - we typically recommend pairing with another experienced facilitator in order to implement this program.

  2. 2019 Texas Symposium on DeafBlindness

    The theme for the 2019 Texas Symposium on DeafBlindness is “Resonance”. Resonance is defined as being deep, full, and reverberating, as well as having the ability to evoke, suggest, or echo images, memories, and emotions.

    Resonance is an integral foundation of developing security and attachment for early communicators in the teaching methodologies of Dr. Jan van Dijk. His resonance strategies lead students to interact with others emphasizing the importance of relationship building.

    The 2019 Symposium will include discussion on a variety of topics and offer an in-depth look at issues affecting the education, support, and parenting of children and youth who are DeafBlind. If you want to take full advantage of this experience, but you are new to DeafBlindness, consider attending the full-day, 2019 Symposium Pre-Conference Event to get a basic foundation to build upon during the main Symposium sessions.

    For More information regarding this event, including a full agenda, please visit our TSBVI Event Website! Late registration will begin on January 15th.

    • Professionals & Adult Family Members - $245.00 (Early) & $295.00 (Late)
    • Paraprofessionals & Univ. Students - $120.00 (Early) & $170.00 (Late)
    • Out of State Professionals - $270.00 (Early) & $320.00 (Late)

  3. 2019 Pre-Symposium: The Basics of Understanding DeafBlindness in Children and Youth

    Please Note: This event is targeted for individuals who are new to the world of DeafBlindness and meant to provide basic information that will support their experience during the Symposium.

    Because seating is limited, we ask that individuals who have more than a basic background in DeafBlindness to weigh the value of attending before registering.

    The content of this workshop will be a day of “DeafBlindness 101”, with information geared toward parents, educators, and associated professionals who are new to the world of DeafBlindness.

    For More information regarding this event, including a full agenda, please visit our TSBVI Event Website! Late registration will begin on January 15th.

    • Early Registration - $25.00
    • Late Registration - $50.00

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